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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hangman's Cooking! Come to an Event!

Authentic  chuckwagon food looks good, right?

We got the dates for the living history events from Hangman last night.

The picture  is a "sample" of his cooking from the event we held here in October. That man can COOK!

Hangman traveled up here the last time I went to  Katy. 
he  picked up a trailer load of heritage birds (and me) because Art was out of town. The event was held in May, and by noon I had hung my voluminous petticoat on a nearby bush to try to get rid of some of the 1800's period insulation. April sounds much better for outdoor events in Texas. We caused quite a stir at a Humble Sonic when we stopped for drinks on the way home after the event. You'd think folks had never seen a 16' trailer loaded down with chickens! Not to mention the two folks dressed in early Texas garb swilling limeades.

Stop by and see him for a taste if you're in the neighborhood of any of these events :

Feb. 13--Heritage Days at Jessee Jones Park, Humble, TX

April 10--Katy Folklife Festival at Katy (natch), TX

I've attended both these events in the past, and know you'd enjoy them if you're in the area. See early Texas life and learn about the life folks lead back then.

 Ask me about the "Dances With Fire" award I won at Jesse Jones in the late 1990's in our encampment. That's another living history story for another time.


  1. With Hangman it's more than putting on a good show. With his dutch ovens he can cook just about anything. The dishes he prepairs and the ingredents are as true to the peoird as he can make them.
    I would also point out that I have never known him to make any attempt to stay on a budget. The man is more concerned with showing the guest at an event a good time than breaking even. We tried to cover his expenses at THE GREAT PUMPKIN SHOOT and hope he made a little more besides.
    I have always enjoyed helping the cook with his duties. You have to taste the food to make sure it's just right. Some of these dishes need a lot of tasting!

  2. Are you trying to KILL me!! I already have 2-3 fires going!!
    Just kidding. I love to cook for people that love to eat, and when the food is free everybody loved to eat! And what in the heck is a "budget"?

    Art likes to help. He just done't understand tha to "taste" dosen't require a quart bowl and a large spoon. I used to wonder why 10lbs of beef only made 2quarts of stew. And when he "helps" to make cornbread, mainly by staying out of the way, it don't mean that a entire 14" dutch oven is his.

    Helene, Thanks to you there is an annual "Burning Skirt" dance contest. The winner gets all the bandages they need and are not allowed around the fire again. Those who wear kilts are no longer allowed to compete as there are children present.

    Hope to see y'all around the fire. Always have coffee boiling, bear sign and scrapple cookin.