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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Griping Today

GAH! It's raining and cold. The sheets are still spread over the garden and have to be picked up and dried before I put them back on my raised beds. Don't want my fledgling garden to freeze due to wet sheets.

Ali and Spud helped weed a section of garden ground Saturday and the place looks much better. Have to get a new camera this week to show you. Weeds were three feet high.

My New Year's resolution is "No Excuses", so I'll make none.  Projects aplenty for the new year:

* finish Hut insulation
* fill 3 freezers with soil for gardens
* weed more, plant more
* paint more tires
* set up craft area
* sell more bunnies
* write a book
* make more income (garden, bunnies, eggs, writing, subbing)

More things to add I'm sure.

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