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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Debut of Baby Bunnies 2010

Fifteen days old, eyes open wide and leaving the nest. Check the lower left corner for an escapee.

Three color patterns just as we hoped and bred for. The ones with black coats, light ears and light necklaces are silver marten, like their grandpa.

The white ones will resemble their momma, Scaredy Cat, once their adult color develops. ----->
The black ones take after their daddy.

Scaredy Cat is not pleased with our attentions, but allows us to hold the babies. Six kits, evenly divided among the three color patterns.

Look at those cute feet! Look at those pink eyes! And the adorable tiny ears! I'm so excited, you'd think I'd carried and birthed them myself!

Lula's kits are in their nest box, contained for another week perhaps, before they can climb out over the sides.  We pulled back their hay and fur covering to see them better. Usually the covering is moving up and down as the babies explore.
Lula is silver marten.Five kits in all, and three color patterns--a wonderful result for a first time momma.

The goal is to have 100 kits to sell by Easter. We ran out of bunnies last year; we don't want to disappoint anyone this time, especially ourselves!

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