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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Homeplace Peaceable Kingdom

 One of my favorite pictures popped up when I was checking my picture files. Cats and chickens can coexist at breakfast time. Especially if the cats have been tutored by the hen on the right (rust chest, black and white neck).

As kittens they thought they'd sneak up on her one balmy summer day. She beat them with her wings and pecked them until she was tired. Anything wearing fur was in danger that day. They developed deep-seated respect for chickens.

Chickens get first chance at the cat food, so extra dishes are must when serving breakfast on the porch. Cats must keep watch for fear a chicken might sneak up on them; you never know when a chicken will go crazy and attack again. Chickens are not concerned about cats or the idea they've got their head in a retired casserole dish used to cook poultry long ago. cat food is more delicious when you take it from cats.

After breakfast, everyone  leaves the porch to bask in the sun.

Through the actions of a single chicken who'd  had enough of silly kittens, peace still reigns at HomePlace. She's gone now, but I swear each generation of kittens has been told the story of the Avenging Chicken by their parents.  All of them keep a respectful distance from anything with wings and a beak. Chickens walk unmolested past our outside cats to this very day.


  1. Chickens with attitude. Goodness gracious, what is the world coming to?

  2. Heritage breeds are full of attitude and very crafty.
    We are saved from a chicken takeover of the earth by this fact: they're delicious.