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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dirty Secret Exposed!

Thanks to my loving husband's blog, many of you now know my secret shame. I like trash TV. I don't watch it daily, mind you, but I need an occasional dose of Jerry Springer, Tyra, Maury, or Steve Wilcos to keep a certain level of trash culture circulating in my brain.

I have excuses.

Astounding dialog heard on these shows finds it's way into my quotation collection. I never know when a gem might come in useful, like: " I ain't spinnin' around up in the air and all that like some ho!"Who knows what type of story that might trigger!
 Probably a sordid one, but talk about dialog that lives!

The fights are a useful way to study techniques. Maybe some day one of my characters will need to fight, and I'll be prepared with details. Some women use the flailing arm technique, others the push and slap, many simply lower the head and charge. Safety conscious, many remove shoes before battle begins. Other use shoes as weapons. Crying and howling are optional. Bleeped out cussing is mandatory. I've noticed that no-one seems to have any kind of karate belt; the shows might not last long after someone is KO'd.

All sorts of angst are exhibited in these shows. I can write about squirting tears, blubbering, shrieks of anger, and soulful moaning.  Swooning is instructive. Common behavior on the shows would get most folks arrested at the mall.Where else can I see the grime of life at its worst without putting myself in harm's way?

Last, there's pure nostalgia. I lived in a trailer park when I first got to Texas. The behavior there was similar to that shown on trash TV. What an experience it was, living in an on-going soap opera in the armpit of Texas. What fodder for writing brought back courtesy of  an hour with Maury!

I wonder what'll be on tomorrow morning while I'm waiting under the blanket for the house to warm up. You can't expect me to get anything done before my coffee,while the place is freezing cold, but I just might take some notes to add to my writing files!


  1. That's alright sweetheart, there will be a BAND OF BROTHERS or TANK OVERHAUL marathon coming soon.